About DiMA

DiMA IS the ambassador for the digital media industry: webcasters, online media, digital services, and technology innovators. DiMA is the leading advocate for a stable legal environment in which to build ideas into industries, and inventions into profits.

DiMA ADVOCATES for business and regulatory environments that support our members’ growth and success. DiMA supports government policies that promote fair competition, fair royalties, innovation and consumer welfare. DiMA opposes policies that rely on traditional regulatory concepts or business models instead of embracing modern technology and commerce.

DiMA DEFENDS members against legal and legislative initiatives that would inhibit technological and business model innovation or would otherwise impose undue costs and legal obligations on our members. Our issues include copyright & royalties, consumer protection, competition & network neutrality, and digital taxation.

DiMA REPRESENTS it’s members in Congress, promotes member company executives as hearing witnesses, and lobbies actively in support of favorable legislation or against unfavorable legislation. DiMA coordinates with industry organizations to make very broad-based appeals, including technology-focused associations, media associations and creative/copyright industries. DiMA files regulatory comments and briefs, and appears in government agency proceedings when courts are considering important legal principles.