DIMA's Board and staff are assisted by five standing committees that assist in operations and development.

Public Policy

The Public Policy Committee advises the Board regarding appropriate public policy goals and priorities.  More specifically, this committee reviews relevant legislative and regulatory proposals, and then develops and supports strategies to effectuate those goals.

Small Webcaster

DiMA is devoted to promoting and protecting independent online music radio and welcomes the participation and voice of this market community.

Industry Promotion

The Promotion Committee develops strategies that support and promote the digital media industries generally and DiMA institutionally.

Music Licensing

The Music Licensing Committee drives the development of a unified agenda and strategy, and participates in discussions and negotiations with licensing organizations. One of DiMA's core activities is to assist members to work more effectively and efficiently with collective music licensing bodies such as ASCAP, BMI, the Harry Fox Agency and SoundExchange.


The International Committee promotes DiMA interaction with similar organizations internationally (e.g., European Digital Media Association), and encourages alliances to work jointly on international treaty proposals and domestic policies of non-U.S. governments that affect DiMA members' international operations.